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Real Estate

We have a great bunch of innovative solutions to kick-start your marketing campaign.

The KLU - Projection

Showcase the exterior facade of your buildings

The Klu-Projection, a mobile application, wherein a user using only his/her hand held device points the phone at a surface and with the click of button, places the 3D model of the property onto the surface. Thus interacting with it via the mobile screen.

The KLU - Portal

Walk into a house and suddenly know you’re home

An AR transporter tool, that allows your customers tour the home in person. All this in a matter of seconds.

The KLU - Walk

Take a stroll and check the intricate design of your home

A mobile & web based application, that allow users to explore and interact with a highly immersive experience.

The KLU - 360

An immersive walkthrough generated by 360 photographs.

A walk through of the property, users can rotate and notice the intricate details of the property in various angles.

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